Booker's 2021-03 Review

Booker's 2021-03 Review. It seems to linger in the room for a while like a small candle. There are definitely strong overtones of oak in here.

Phoenix Suns 22'' x 34'' Devin Booker Poster
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The booker’s releases reviewed since 2018 have consistently scored 90 points or. The sweets are scant as well coming through as dark brown sugar caramel, molasses and rich toffee. Behind it lingers the smell of oak, light floral notes, and a solid nutty scent.

It Is More Like What The Trappist Monks Make In Kentucky Than The Version You Find At The Grocery Store.

It’s the highest proof bourbon in the jim beam small batch collection. The fruit fades with water, but it also allows a touch of herbal mint and both red and black pepper notes into the picture in time for the finish. As is the case with all batches, booker’s son fred selected the bourbon for this release personally in an effort to uphold his father’s standards.

Booker Was Born In Springfield, Kentucky, But Spent A Good Amount Of Time In Bardstown Visiting Friends Along With His Grandfather, Jim Beam.

Booker’s bardstown batch is a kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged for 6 years, 7 months, and 7 days before being bottled uncut and unfiltered at 127.3 proof. It doesn’t smell as strong as the proof would suggest. Rather water may help open the spirit allowing the aromas and flavors to bloom.

I'm Playing A Little Bit Of Catch Up As I Was Away On A Little Hunting Trip Earlier This Week.

Also sign me up for newsletters so i can get special offers, recommendations, and expert advice to my inbox! The sweets are scant as well coming through as dark brown sugar caramel, molasses and rich toffee. The aroma contains brown sugar and caramel, balanced with bakery spice and wood sugar notes from the charred white oak barrels.

Waves Of Honeysuckle And Earthy, Musty Wood.a Bit Of Cherry And Vanilla Swirls, Crashing Into One Another With The.

If this whiskey defies expectations at all it’s on the finish, where some greener elements and ample red pepper pop, giving the whiskey a bittersweet quality that ultimately comes across as fairly rustic, even with water. 6 years (5 months, 0 days) further. The fruitcake is laced with candied cherries.

Booker’s “Bardstown Batch” Has A Matured Amber Color.

It’s crazy (but doable) to drink this without water. This review was actually live on my instagram first. B+ [ buy it now from caskers] [ buy it now from frootbat]

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