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Endurance Book Review. Home / archives for book reviews. Lansing’s work is precise, methodical, careful.

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His analogies are thoughtful and simplified, by just the right amount. This allows the body to use more fat for fuel, the. “a clear, concise and true account of what to expect in an endurance race.

The Roofline Is Your Vo2Max.

Maffetone’s proven maf 180 formula and regular assessment through his maf test, this book teaches athletes the methods for not only improving speed, but doing so at a lower heart rate. My favorite passage in the entire book is his house metaphor of endurance fitness, which goes like this: This was an exceptional moment.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for endurance at amazon.com. When reading, it feels as though the author genuinely wants you, the reader, to really “get” what he is writing. Through a system of using dr.

His Analogies Are Thoughtful And Simplified, By Just The Right Amount.

The review was printed in aerc's en extra edition last spring. Alfred lansing has reconstructed all these events with great care, drawing mainly on the many diaries kept by the crew, shackleton himself included, and interviewing the few survivors still alive. A year ago i reviewed the book endurance 101 written by blogger aarene storms of the haiku farm.

Gravity Weighing Him Down Feels Wrong.

It is the account of sir ernest shackleton’s 1914 attempt to cross the antarctic continent on foot with a crew of 27 men after their ship, the endurance, became icebound. Mar 1, 2006 speed with endurance by bill squires and bruce lehane, www.speedwithendurance.com, $34.95. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The Endurance Handbook Outlines How To Get Faster By Improving Aerobic Speed.

Lansing’s work is precise, methodical, careful. The endurance is trapped in the antarctic ice. The top of the roof is your peak power output.

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