The Sanatorium Book Review

The Sanatorium Book Review. The sanatorium was a novel that made me feel extremely claustrophobic as i read it. It is set during a snow storm at a hotel which was once a tuberculosis sanatorium which makes it a chilling read.

Review The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse Book Club Chat
Review The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse Book Club Chat from

The sanatorium by sarah pearse is one creepy mystery! The sanatorium by sarah pease is the february book club pick from reese witherspoon’s book club. I haven’t read an actual scary novel for a long while and this was a treat to tingle the senses.

It Is A Psychological Thriller That Is Truly A Roller Coaster And Will Have You Wondering If You Are The Crazy One.

I always pay attention to the celebrity book clubs, especially reese’s book club. However, it lost me in a few places, especially when you find out who the killer is. The sanatorium was a novel that made me feel extremely claustrophobic as i read it.

As She Slowly Reasons Her Way Through The Unfolding Situation, Her Deductions Of Even The Most Obvious Points Appear In Italics— That Means Laure Has Another Phone.

The sanatorium had all the makings of a great atmospheric thriller; I’ve really enjoyed shiver, an unwanted guest, and one by one, which had similar settings. All held together by a slightly unreliable narrator.

I Was Completely Immersed In The Sinister World Of The Sanatorium, And I’m Betting You Will Be, Too.

I’m all for the isolated mountain top thriller where people begin to disappear during an avalanche. Positive sarah gilmartin, the irish times (ire) the chief success of sarah pearse’s debut novel, the sanatorium, is her use of place. What could be more eerie than an abandoned hospital where it is believed that sinister secrets are hidden but now is reborn as a posh hotel?

This Is One Of The Most Atmospheric Books I Have Ever Read.

this…it isn't an accident. They’ve picked at the edges, but now they’ve got a. As she slowly reasons her way through the unfolding situation, her deductions of even the most obvious points appear in italics— that means laure has another phone.

It Is Set During A Snow Storm At A Hotel Which Was Once A Tuberculosis Sanatorium Which Makes It A Chilling Read.

This makes you uneasy and apprehensive in the best way! It's a quick mystery read with a few surprises and an epilogue that. It was well written and for the most part a good read.

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